When it comes to phone cases you need a reliable and sturdy case. After all it is your precious phone you need to take care of. We understand your concern and strive to meet your expectations.

We have a wide array if tested phone cases of various designs and styles. The assortment is comprehensive. There is a case for every modern phone that needs good protection.

If you are looking for a reliable phone case that never turns you down, read our phone cases reviews in the following.

YOUMAKER Kickstand Cases

YOUMAKER Kickstand Case Series

This category contains a wide variety of kickstand phone cases. You can find kickstand cases both for Android and iPhone. These cases are popular for their convenience in use.  

The basic feature of kickstand cases is their sturdiness. Yes, they are super protective. Often, users do not feel comfortable while using a phone case because it does not look strong enough to protect a smart phone.  But this not the case with our kickstand phone cases. They are resilient and their grip is firm to keep our phone safe from any accident.

It is easy to use as it needs just one click to let your phone rest on the desk or your side table. You do not have to worry about any accidental fall or slip because the case provides full body protection to your phone. So, your smart phone is safe from all sides. Additionally, the cases have built-in screen protector that saves your phone screen from any scratch or crack in accidental situations.

The kickstand cases are made of strong material. The design is enhanced to increase device protection. You get real convenience in the form of this kickstand smart phone case. The sleek shape gives you easy hold on your phone and you use your phone hassle-free. However, this is not what that really matters when you start browsing on your phone. While browsing you need crystal clear vision and that is what the transparent screen cover offers you.

YOUMAKER Rugged Slim Case

YOUMAKER Rugged Slim Case Series

 This category offers remarkably protective cases for your smart phone. The most obvious and most loved feature of these rugged slim cases is that they have a raised edge. Only you can touch the screen while using and nothing else can rub against the screen and cause scratches or stains.  

Rugged slim cases offer your phone double protection as it is not only the raised edge that averts accidental touches but also the case comes with a protective built-in screen protector.

The cover is light weight yet durable. No wonder it gives your phone protection as never before with its 360 degree armored structure. The back cover is sturdy and made of strong material to give ultimate protection to your device against falls and hits.  Though the cover is strong and metallic, it does not heat your phone.

The design is made to soothe the eyes. It is modern and smart. We do not ignore the aesthetic appeal of our phone cases. So, if you are searching several perks in one case, go nowhere but visit our online store and all categories of phone cases to find one that meets your standards.

The wide array of rugged slim cases includes the finest quality and designs. Whether you own an iPhone or an Android, you can always find an elegant rugged slim case in our online store. We ensure to keep our stock well-provisioned to meet the expectations of our valuable customers.


YOUMAKER Clear Case Series

This category comprises of very special phone cases. These are highly classy, elegant looking clear cases for your smart phone. All those phone users who do not like to keep the original look of their phone loves these clear cases.

Made of clear and transparent material, clear cases should not be mistaken as flimsy and weak phone cases. In fact, these are military-drop-tested. The double layer solid structure provides 360-degree full body rugged protection. The raised edge of clear case is just an advanced step to ensure nothing hurts your phone when you place it on any sort of surface.

Our design team has put special efforts in keeping clear phone cases fitting and protective. The fine finishing of cuts and curves of the case keep the original beauty of your phone intact. The super-excellent ergonomic appearance appeals users with a fine taste of style and care.

Clear cases ensure hundred percent protection of your phone from scratches and scuffs with its resilient structure and material. The built-in screen protector is super-protective. Even the camera lens of your phone is not left exposed to outside environmental pollutants. So, you ensure enjoying clear and expressive images every time you use your photography skills.    


Youmkr.com phone cases are top-notch products. Made of highly resilient material, these cases offer protection to precious smart phones beyond ordinary means. Elegant looking and light weight phone cases enhance user experience and save you from heavy losses in the form of a fractured screen or broken phone. Stop looking around for phone protection , and just give YOUMAKER case a shot!  

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