YOUMAKER Brand Ambassador Recruitment

Online activity can play a vital role in one's life, inspiring one to come forward and use their influence to reach the market and establish parasocial relationships with their audience aggregating earning through social networking sites.

We, at Youmaker, are currently recruiting Brand Ambassador for major social networking sites, mainly Instagram and Facebook. Our brand supports everyone by uplifting them to help them reach the best version of themselves and motivating them so they face all the difficulties in life with ease.

We hope you can provide:

  • To become a part of Youmaker all you have to do is submit us your social media account information (including your full id)
  • Some of your creative opinions on our brand so we can get a piece of your judgment and work through it.
  • Three hashtags that suit you best so we can have a vivid image of who you are as a person.

Similarly, for a better understanding of Youmaker and what we are offering:

  • Our platform will encourage you by displaying your image on our Youmaker Blog to further uplift your influence and popularity by promoting you.
  • To compensate for your hard work, your commission could be up to 50% which is more handsome compared to other brands in the marketing community.
  • If you participate in our product review activities, we will customize an exclusive discount for not only you but people who are dear to you. Our sample will be sent to you as a thankyou gift.

Some of the specifications we are seeking for in our Brand Ambassador include:

  • Social platform promotion (50% commission provided) alongside, comprehensive requirements regarding posting pictures, videos, or blog as reviewing of Youmaker products on the social platform, we do expect your work to be up to mark!!
  • We hope you can utilize your interest as the head start, attracting your fellow peers, friends, and family towards investing in our product and holding interesting offline activities alongside them. Our brand will equip you with sponsorship after the specific plan is put into work.


Please contact us through email and our Youmaker team will get back to you as soon as possible. We sincerely hope to find partners who will fit in our friendly environment smoothly. We are looking forward to seeing you represent Youmaker.

We aspire to overcome every hurdle along the way and share every milestone with you. With your co-operation, we can deliver brand value to our consumers so that they can have a sense of recognition and benefit from it. For those users who are yet not familiar with us, we will put our devotion and the spirit of artistry to our every product hoping it will shine through and let you know that it is right to choose Youmaker.

There is no doubt that the power of creation can make everything. Our brand supports everyone in gaining self-confidence so that one may overcome the difficulties in life with ease and we wish you can become part of our next inspiration.